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Financial Tips for College Students: 6 Fool Proof Ways to Save Money!

As an undergraduate student, budgeting should be one of your most important tasks. With a low job experience level, time dedicated toward studies, and responsibilities for extra-curricular activities, having a consistent and satisfying income stream is hard to attain. Not to mention, saving and investing money in your young adulthood is critical in maintaining financial [...]

Financial Tips for College Students: 6 Fool Proof Ways to Save Money!2019-02-26T09:44:08-07:00

Time Management Tips: Use a calendar.

Classes, exams, study groups, extracurricular activities, work, etc. when combined with poor time management all lead to academic stress. I am not going to tell you that you need to have a stress-free life. Academic life comes with stress, but I am hoping to help you alleviate some of that stress by a simple time management [...]

Time Management Tips: Use a calendar.2019-01-22T17:07:15-07:00

Please Sleep More!!

I am sorry, but I cannot help but talking about why you need to sleep more. Sleep deprivation is a huge problem among college students, and this fact should not be taken lightly. Various studies have shown that a continued lack of sleep leads to an increased likelihood for memory loss, and higher risk for [...]

Please Sleep More!!2019-01-22T16:56:33-07:00

How about a December Resolution? | Developing a good habit or breaking a bad habit?

The holiday season is a great time of the year to relax, recharge or catch up with things that have piled up on our “to do lists”. But the holidays also gives us the opportunity to develop a good habit or break a bad habit. Every year, I teach two courses during the winter quarter; [...]

How about a December Resolution? | Developing a good habit or breaking a bad habit?2018-12-21T08:35:40-07:00

Want to do great on your finals? Sleep!!!

Here is a scientifically proven recommendation to help you do better on your final exams: According to Dr. Matthew Walker, the director of Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab at Berkeley, sleep can improve learning and memory. He came up with this conclusion after conducting scientific studies for a couple of decades. Since I know you are [...]

Want to do great on your finals? Sleep!!!2018-12-10T11:30:09-07:00

Deep Breathing to Relax

Did you take any deep breaths today? If you normally do not take deep breaths during the day, what if you knew that there is strong scientific evidence for the benefits of mindful deep breathing? Deep breathing it not only a great stress-relief remedy that has stood the test of time but we now have [...]

Deep Breathing to Relax2018-10-29T12:25:49-07:00

Are You Stressed Out?

Being a college student these days can be stressful. I see the stress on the faces of my students. I can see it in the way they talk, and I see it especially right before exams. The stress of my students impacted me so much that I decided to develop a course entitled Life101 to [...]

Are You Stressed Out?2018-10-15T17:25:12-07:00

Sleep to De-Stress & Be Healthy

I always considered myself a good sleeper. I would joke that as soon as I see my pillow I fall asleep. But about 10 years ago, while going through a divorce, I developed insomnia. I would go to bed at 11 pm, wake up at 2 am and could not fall back asleep. While going [...]

Sleep to De-Stress & Be Healthy2018-10-15T17:25:22-07:00

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